01/14/23 Index :) (Updated 01/15/23)

This is an index of all the shows and movies that I have had the time to write about!

Memento    Severance

01/15/23 Memento

Watched 07/22

This movie makes me feel like I smoked a joint before I sat down in front of my tv lmao.

Memento makes you solve a murder case alongside a man with anterograde amnesia, and boy does it make you put in the work. My brain was reeling the entire time trying to piece everything together but it was such a fun and intriguing challenge.

I think what this movie got right in terms of editing is so hard to replicate without making it seem like the entire concept was just copy and pasted. That's not necessarily the hallmark of a good film, but it definitely means that it's choices stick with you, and make you think about it for a long time afterwards.

I wish I could just forget seeing this movie so I could watch it all over again.


01/15/23 Severance

Watched 11/22

What can I say but oh. my. god. I am so totally obsessed!!!

The styling of this show is so immensely beautiful. The lighting and set design are able to make the most soul-sucking of environments come alive, and the whole feel of the show is so cohesive.

I fell in love with all of the characters so quickly, but Helly found her way into my heart from the very first episode. The writing is spectacular and really allows each actor to play to their own strengths.

I hope I get to see more work like this out of other streaming services too (though I tend to favor pirating), but I absolutely can't wait to watch season two when it is released.