01/15/23 Index :) (Updated 01/16/23)

This is an index of all the books that I have had the time to write about!

Priory of the Orange Tree

01/15/23 Memento

Read 04/22

This was the first novel, fantasy or otherwise, that I had read for pleasure in a very long time.

The first 95 pages were very rough for me, especially because I am not used to reading so much about fictional fantasy countries and their politics, but after about 100 pages, I got really in the groove!

I feel like this was a great foray back into reading for me, and I really developed intense feelings for each of the characters, though I obviously had my favorites. Each of the countries and locations were so wonderfully fleshed out that it was pretty easy to feel like I was in each of those locations.

I'm so excited for the other book in the Priory universe that is coming out this year!