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03/21/23 Whoops Sorry Guys

I know I've been out of commission for a good amound of time, I only have a little bit of time on my hands to change things around here.

I've updated some of the recently watched materials, but I have so many more things to add!!!

I have a brand new journal section that came up kind of silently. I made it to test run another layout because I like the idea of making things a bit more cutesy around here, but I know that means I would have to do an overhaul of literally everything on my site... we'll see how that goes.

See you guys later! Here's my button for that journal section :>

02/16/23 Updating A Lot of Stuff

Sorry I haven't been making very big moves in terms of website updating recently! I'm back at school and I've been super busy bc it's my last semester :)

I updated the radio page with my show title and the new widget for the online Mixlr for WOZQ!

Also, I made sure that all the new webrings I joined have appropriate links that are listed on every finished page! I'm so happy to be a part of a wider community now!!!

I've added new shows, Bad Sisters and The Boys on my Watched page, and I have even more that I have watched recently that I can't wait to report! I havent been reading anything recently though :> I have very little time lol.

01/15/23 New Location, New Pages

I moved back to campus for the spring semester :) I'm really excited for what's in store for me! I'm taking a super wide variety of classes, and I decided to take the second half of the intro to CS class! It may be my last semester of college but at least I'm gonna make it fun!

I worked on the website quite a bit today, I changed some things on the radio site and added a whole new page for things that I have watched/am currently watching! I've only put up Severance and Memento so far, but I have so many things on my list to retroactively add... I'm gonna be at that for a while!

The next thing I would like to do is work on my reading page. That one will probably be updated less frequently, but I hope that they're at least a little more substantial! I have put one book up so far!

Lastly, I made my whole page a little more anonymous. I know it wouldn't be hard to find out who I am, but I realized I wanted to make this space more for me, not for other people trying to find me irl.

Excited for what's in store for me! And excited to keep working on these pages :)

01/11/23 Making Moves!

I worked outside the house all day today, but I got some website work done once I got home!

The radio page is almost completely done, which is the big thing that I worked on. I decided that I wanted to keep the layout consistent, but change the theme for each page. Ideally I would like to try to make a pixel layout, but I know that would take a while!

I also added a little pet cat on the pages that I've finished that follows your cursor if you click him! He is in the top left corner!

Today has been long and difficult, but I'm so glad that I've gotten to spend more time with my sister before I head back to school, I'm gonna miss her and being home, but I'm also ready to crush my last semester of college!

01/10/23 Updating and Working

I haven't been on here to work at all in the last two days because I've been working pretty much nonstop, but I made blank pages for everything on my navigation! Currently, I'm working on the radio portion, but I'm also thinking about adding some type of creative section and taking out the shrine section.

All the pages will be updated... eventually... but I'm also trying to make the main page responsive in the meantime so that I know how to do it for other pages as I make them.

In other news, I applied to 6 different jobs for after graduation today! 4 of them at the same publisher, but it was a whole application each time.

See you next time with hopefully more updates to the site! I'm continuing to work for the rest of the week from early in the morning to night before I go back to school to save up money, but I'm going to try to read and get some personal time in when I can.

01/08/23 A New Year

I took a personal day off of working, so I spent most of it on the computer! I reconfigured my portfolio website and updated some of the images, worked on my online presence, and tried to do some budgeting for the new year.

But best of all...

I finished the main page design for this website!

This has been a long time coming. My page has been in a state of flux over the past six months because I could never decide what I wanted to do with it, but I think I found something fun enough! I'm going to try to give each page a different feel, but keep the general theme! HTML is almost entirely new to me, but since I've been learning Python, I wanted to branch out to as much as I could!

01/07/23 What I'm Trying To Do

Hey absolutely nobody!

I'm starting this website as a way to keep track of my life as it happens, as well as the things that I'm currently into. I've never had my own spot online that I've had complete control over before, so I'm planning on making the most of it.

I might keep track of the media I consume, I might index my language resources, I might write about my playlists for my radio show! Who knows what's gonna happen.